The Salary of Bankruptcy Justice

Bankruptcy judges are federal judges; their salaries are set by Congress. Historically, Congress often keeps federal judges’ salaries unchanged from year to year for political matters, chief among them that members of Congress often don’t wanted to be seen as giving themselves a raise. The circuit court reviews all applications and selects candidates for interviews; it’s going to call you if you are chosen.


What do you think of Obama & a single bankruptcy justice has allowed to emerge from bankruptcy?

Why do we need a Congress or Senate or Supreme Court if Obama can make these solutions that will cost we the taxpayers billions?

This liberal Democratic Congress is all on board headed by such persons as Frank, Weiner, Pelosi, Reid and that whole bunch who have no regard for U.S. Citizens or bankrupting the entire U.S.

When people will we wake up? Please open your eyes and ears.

Further, current lawsuits toward GM for all those that have lost lives and limbs are in jeopardy as this act will dismiss these actions.

Facts from: Justice Neopolitano

Comment by Marcia
Obama isn’t responsible for GM’s bankruptcy procedure. Judges make these solutions every day.

Comment by Bush
Your rant really doesn’t make much sense. I don’t think you drank enough of Oxycontin Kool Support today to get the whole point.

Comment by lilly4
People better wake up and quick

Comment by Spock
imho, the two the Chrysler and GM bankruptcies are being handled illegally to the detriment of collectors as defined and protected in bankruptcy code.

what should have been done, imo, was different the assets using the liabilities — sell the assets to the replacement companies pronto to keep things rolling and sort out who owns what pieces of it later, next the law.

in condition of current lawsuits and claims — those are just as crucial, imo, as the warranties that will continue. I’want to see such a lawsuit in Federal District Court.

and to the extent that the federal government pushed the courts to permit somewhat that’s illegal, that’s a taking of privately-owned property rights without due process or compensation underneath the Constitution and should be corrected by forcing the government to face up for the costs included.


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