the right way to Emigrate to Canada

Complete the appropriate application. Canada offers specific applications based on the feature of your immigration, which include for skilled employees and professionals. Your work or state will define the neat application for you. Go to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada internet site (cic. Pay application charges for processing and a charges for testing. Some applications inquire testing for proficiency in English or French, work experience, adaptability and flexibility to suit into the Canadian life style. this will include passing a medical examination and criminal record check.

The country offers a health care system, quality education, low-crime statistics, low inflation and unemployment rates and a growing economy.



i’m a UAE resident for less than 1 year. Can I make an application for Canadian Immigration by London Visa office?

London Visa office handles the Canadian Immigration applications by a UAE and I’ve heard that just those applicants who have a permenant stay of over 1 year in UAE can apply by it. Otherwise one needments to apply from his home country.
Dear North,

Canadian Embassy in UAE does not process Immigration Applications. It only entertains visit and study visa applications.

Comment by northwoodseaglev
You can even apply at UAE Canadian Embassy for a your visa to immigrate to Canada. Uncover the nearest one to you.

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The Citizenship and Immigration office recommends the next to maintain away from delays in processing: current all vital information on your application; notify the visa office of the person variances, such as address or phone #; avoid repeated inquiries to the visa office; be sure paperwork are clear; current certified English or French translations of original papers if needed; and apply from a country where you’re a citizen or permanent resident.

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