How Do I Re-New My CNA License If It Has Expired and I Havent Worked the Required Hours?

The regulating office may current the application the web or may send it to you by mail. Complete the application and submit it with supporting paperwork and the application payment. Submit your fingerprints for a criminal record check. The regulating office may include a fingerprint card in your application package or may refer you by a LifeScan agent for electronic fingerprints.

Wait for a notice that authorizes you to take the check. This notice, by the examination provider, usually arrives after the regulating office has obtained a satisfactory report using the fbi background history checks.



how do i get into the ghost detector racket?

So, i read somewhere that anybody had bought a ghost detector to see if their house was haunted. I idea this was a really minimal weird, but looked it up and apparently that’s a real thing. Now i’m just wondering if anybody knows how I can get into that business – selling ghost detectors. Or maybe inventing them; how strongly does the patent office regulate the legitimacy of such devices?

Comment by eri
It’s a real thing that people are selling ghost detectors, but since ghosts have never been shown to exist, those companies can’t prove you can use ghost detectors to determine ghosts, so it’s fake in that sense. So what you should do is just uncover a really expensive piece equipment most people have no thought the right way to use correctly and claim it furthermore detects ghosts. You don’t even need to invent anything; just sell them at a markup with simple instructions for a methods to make them light up. I’d suggest an oscilloscope. The patent office won’t give you a patent for a ghost detector, but they’ll if it, say, read the noise level or temperature and then you can call it whichever you want.

Comment by Shenaynay
Seeing as the existence of ghosts has never been nicely-proved, nor can the efficiency of ghost hunting gear, most of it’s designed for other legitimate aims anyway.

if you are worried that individuals are going to complain that your dodgy products don’t work just grow a disclaimer that the are ‘for entertainment goals only’. Don’t worry that won’t put people off buying them – they wanted to believe.

Check out the load of rubbish this store sells. Http://

Whether it’s morally right to sell people a load of junk you know doesn’t work is something for you to select.

Comment by Tim
there’s an Iphone app that professes to be a “ghost detector” but it has not been well-proven if it can truly uncover ghosts and or a such paranormal activities. it’s a lot more or less a novelty.


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